Selling for Additional Income/Revenue During Coronavirus

This is scary times, and one thing that people are ultimately worried about is paying the bills. In our dog-eat-dog economy, it seems like there’s never enough money to go around – and working people tend to lose out. But there’s one major thing that a lot of these economic models fail to factor in – that’s the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people in their local communities.

What does this look like in practice? It involves cutting out the corporate middleman and selling all sorts of goods and valuable items directly between one another, in a bartering or local commerce system. This is even easier to do today with the resources we have in the global Internet.

Coronavirus and Remote Commerce

With the unfortunate impact of social distancing necessities in our communities, a lot of business has moved online. (if you need help moving online please visit our Media and Tech Groups) We get that. People are scared to go into big stores, and we understand why. But e-commerce isn’t just for your big corporation or an office that has an awesome graphic design team, or a drop shipper speculating on massive warehouse sales.

It’s also a vibrant place for small local farmers, craft businesses, people who are willing to put in the hard work to deliver items in their communities.

In some key senses, proximity is valuable. If you can bring things to where people need them, they don’t have to move around to get them, and that in itself provides enormous value. That’s why even now in some communities, small grocery stores are popping up in neighborhoods, and people are getting very creative in how they do local business, including great new farm-to-table connections.

Selling on Online Platforms

Some of the lowest cost online platforms to sell on include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and others. Some of these cost next to nothing to post on, and with creative grassroots advertising and word-of-mouth, you can build a business model that doesn’t involve a ton of overhead. That means you can pass all the savings on to your customers. When a farmer finds a way to bring his or her customers to the farm itself to buy on a routine basis, all of the costs of advertising, transport, production and more are ultimately avoided.

You may have seen roadside stands with honor boxes and places where people can agree to meet up to sell bulk food. These are some of those cost-saving and grassroots programs in action. And many of them are facilitated over venues like Craigslist or elsewhere. At our parent organization GTKYF Foundation, Inc., we have our own classified market Group of Sites, via our TECH Group. Check it out and get involved in local trade to benefit yourself and your community!

 Part of working outside the box and creating a new way to support your family and yourself during these times is learning new ways to generate off the books per say income. Even a little money helps with relieving the stresses related to the economic upheaval by this current world situation.