What does out-of-the-box mean?

Many of you have seen throughout this site we’ve mentioned out-of-the-box as a way of thinking. A way of resolving these current issues in regards to the crisis with a person’s financial situation. As it reflects the current coronavirus pandemic. When we say out of the box we mean a type of thinking that is not curtailed to the typical aka traditional thinking process of a 9 to 5 W-2’d income.

Out of the box can have very many different views and solutions.

Including becoming a member of numerous different gig platforms. In the whole gig economy, becoming a mainstream out of the box reality. To learning to think differently and approach things from a different perspective.

Our parent organization is currently developing an entire platform and series of websites related to helping people learn to work and earn a living in a nontraditional manner. An out-of-the-box approach. Make sure to follow these efforts at our TECH Group and get the most up to date information.

Out of box can also include learning to sell things online. It can even include opening your own small business. Be it part-time at first, or becoming a consultant of sorts. Following your heart and doing something you are passionate about.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

*Confucius – Social Philosopher and Teacher

Many people in today’s societies simply go to work. Which incidentally is a four letter word. They toil away participating in a job, a.k.a. just over broke. They never really succeed. Only just paying their dues, and struggling to make ends meet for even the basic of needs. Due to the fact, in part, that they’re not following their passions. We would advocate for people to follow their passion, and live life with intensity towards doing what they’re passionate about. All the while helping others.

So, don’t let the box that our society has put many of us in limit your ability to support yourself or your family. We would argue that the solution to this current financial crisis is that we rethink the whole employment model. That together we revolt against the box and create a new system that is based on people following their passions, becoming financially secure. Not funding that CEO’s next big yacht, but funding our enjoyment of life while we are here.