floating and money

When we talk about money and floating lot of folks don’t understand the concept. In reality the old robbing Peter to pay Paul is one method of floating when it comes to money. There are many ways to float, with money and even throughout our lives, day to day.

Some people Float through life, never really paying attention, or caring about what goes on around them. some bounce from crisis to crisis, drama to drama. While we don’t encourage that behavior, when it comes to your finances. There are ways to help you float during this crisis thereby helping to relieve some of that stress that being short on the bills causes.

This page is designed to give you some ideas on how to float through this current dilemma and financial upheaval related to Coronavirus. How to better ride out the storm and protect your family, your community, and your sanity. The ideas herein are NOT to be considered “professional Financial Advice”, If that is what you are looking for or need we would advise you to contact a knowledgeable Certified Public Account, or other financial / legal professional. The information herein is strictly waht we would do and have done to survive this and other crisis in our own personal financial world.

One of the biggest ways to learn the float is learning to think outside the box. And we say outside the box we’re talking about thinking from a new perspective. From a new point of view. Not the traditional 9 to 5 aka W-2 working environment in today’s employment world to earn a living. We are talking about ways to subsidize your income. Or maybe a combination of ways even. It might even be possible to replace your income. The gig economy of today, has created a new way to work. Not only that but with technology there are many ways to work remotely, not with a direct boss or for that matter even one direct employer.

As we mentioned before, develop a product, or service for your local community to sell via the many channels availible online. Read more about this concept in this article we produced.

Another way involves becoming part of the gig economy. Either by joining any number of gig working platforms such as Uber. Or by marketing and creating a gig reality on your own. Our parent organizations, TECH Group has several Gig related platforms and sites in development. Make sure to check back and keep up to date on all of our efforts. ***