Creative Ways to Make Money During Coronavirus

Some of the best ways to start new revenue streams for yourself in the Covid era are the same ones that you would use any time to jumpstart local decentralized production and challenge the corporate model. But they are more important now! The system has been financially oppressive to most Americans for decades but the pressure has really ratcheted up with a scenario where people are actually prevented from going to work, without getting any assistance paying their bills! That math does not add up.

Here are some good ways to build your own business in covid times and keep money flying in. At least by creating your own opportunities, you’re less dependent on outside forces to survive.

Farm Products

Many of the ways that new entrepreneurs are helping themselves to compete in markets involves selling farm products or foods or other products that are made naturally.

There’s a huge surge toward farm-to-table purchasing as people flee the old traditional and somewhat outdated supermarket model, preferring to buy their fresh foods locally from farmers. Not to mention the stores are being bought out of the products the local community needs. When they have products, the prices have often jumped several times over in the last year.

That’s an enormous opportunity for anyone who wants to become a farmer, or practice small, sustainable agriculture in their communities.It makes it easier to compete with faceless giants like Cargill and ADM, right from your own property.

Selling Masks and Sanitizer

There’s also a big new market for facemasks and hand sanitizer. Some small local distilleries are already jumping on this opportunity to sell locally made alcohol sanitizer products.

Also, individuals who know how to sew or create face masks are selling these locally as well. $20 or $30 for a mask? It may seem strange, but there are many people perfectly willing to pay this amount for a face mask. Because corporate systems are unable to meet this demand with agility, you can turn that to your advantage and become a seller in your neighborhood.

Other Locally Made Goods

Some people are selling baked goods – others are selling arts and craft products. It’s like the old rhyme: a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker. Whatever it is, if you’re doing it yourself and selling it locally, somebody is not buying it at Walmart.

Local economies are booming, even though the corporate economy is going through all kinds of enormous changes, some of which are pretty scary. The bottom line is that there are creative ways to help yourself to adjust to the coronavirus reality, because waiting for government help is turning out to be a pretty poor option!

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